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NWP’s tight knit campus community provides an ideal environment for making connections and discovering your entrepreneurial edge.

With a variety of collaborative University Transfer options across disciplines, we are officially your starting point for a rewarding undergraduate degree. Find your feet and hone your skills at NWP before broadening your horizon at one of our partner post-secondaries.

University Transfer Programs

Study the past, present and future. Challenge your perspectives and interpret complex questions in preparation for a career in the humanities or social sciences.
Calculate your potential for success and manage your future. Increase your business acumen with essential knowledge as you specialize in several areas of commerce.
Find the key to your career as an analyst, programmer, researcher or consultant. Learn to solve simple problems through foundational knowledge in Python, Java, and programming principles.
Nurture your craft in front of an audience or behind the scenes. Set the stage for a career as a performer, director or set designer as you explore courses in acting, improvisation, and movement dynamics.
Be the architect of your future. Study engineering disciplines, the importance of design, mechanics, wave motion, algebra, friction and ethics as you become a problem solver for life.
Use your creative spirit to sketch out a career path in the visual arts. Learn the history of art and the fundamentals of drawing, art media, and design with hands-on studio and lecture courses.
Move your career forward into health promotion with the skills to help improve health outcomes. Focus on human movement and the factors that influence its performance.
Exercise your curiosity about human performance, health promotion and chronic disease prevention by focusing on the high-level science behind human movement.
Uncertain about your future? Explore a variety of courses and options to meet admissions requirements and find a program that works for you.
Be the catalyst for your career in science by working towards a BSc degree or professional program. Choose from a variety of courses in biology, chemistry, physics and math.
Fulfill your pursuit of social justice and promote well-being in communities, families or individuals. Put your empathy, patience and integrity to work.

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For information about becoming a student at NWP, please contact:

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Office: FAC131
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